Updates to throwing abilities

This is basically just making them look cooler
For Rock Throw, make it so that the enemy notices you and starts moving towards you until you kill it
For Magic Bomb, make it more then just a semicircle.
Maybe make a shockwave on the ground that’s blue?
Let me know if there is something more I should add to this post

I like the suggestion about Rock Throw. Maybe it could be used as a damage skill early game, then a utility skill later on to draw aggro from enemies?
As for Magic Bomb, maybe it could arc lightning between each enemy it hits?

if we are going on about magic bomb than i will put some input i dislike how every lvl only increases the dmg buy 5 this made mage under powered end game and i switched to using my mage wand for attack later on. the bomb is a mid game item it should at least increase buy 20 and start out at 200 this would make mage an actual mage that focuses on mana and burst dmg.

Hunters Are A Thing, They Have The Burst Damage You Talk About. Mages Aren’t Really Meant To Burst Damage, Normally They Are Either Support Or Have Medium Damage.

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Magic Bomb is a ranged multiple enemy damaging ability, that’s why it doesn’t do as much damage. It’s meant to be a way to deal medium damage without being hit.