Updated vesteria survey

Hunter, because I play as glass cannons in other rpg games too.

And well, assassin is hella edge.

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Call me crazy but I like being Cleric.

Flare is epic-looking to me. I just slam my staff down and bam, anything under level 30 nearby dies instantly.

I have a +14 Webbed Staff, lvl 44. 30 points in DEX, and the rest are INT b/c I like Multibomb.

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Anything but Ranger

I understand, I can see you put a lot of effort and I think it’s really cool. I’m just saying it’s not my style.

cleric gang rise up!


berserker for dual wield

Berserk because I love close combat. Also, I started to play the game because I was bored of all other games I was playing.