Updated vesteria survey

what do you like about vesteria?

  • the graphics
  • the mobs
  • the community
  • the moves
  • the npcs
  • the pets

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why did you decide to play vesteria

  • front page
  • a friend recommended me it
  • I saw a video of it
  • I saw an ad of it

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what’s your favorite subclass? (tell why in the comments if you want)

  • hunter
  • warrior
  • mage

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when choosing a subclass what are you looking for?

  • meta (be op)
  • fun
  • help my homies with DPS/HP :))
  • troll

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what kind of npcs do you like?

  • short text
  • npc that talk a lot (ones that give u 2-3 answer options)
  • funny ones (like vincent for example hehe)
  • informative ones (those npcs that give u tips or tell you the backstory of their village)

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what’s your favorite animated vesteria series?

  • vesteria stickman animated series ofc
  • vesteria stickman animated series OMG YESSSS

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when did you first play vesteria?

  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020

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Mage or Hunter, I chose hunter cus it was my alt and my mage was my main, but after a week I only played as Hunter so I think its my main now.

Also I like the play style of every subclass except anything Worrior

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Those are normal classes. :eyes: I joined Vesteria because someone had it in their favorites, I don’t think any of the options apply.

a friend recommended you still counts since he had it in his favorites (so you started via your friend)

It wasn’t a friend. I stalk random people’s,'s accounts. :eyes:
Is joke

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I joined Vesteria because funny miner’s haven dev stopped working on MH so I was intrigued.

my type of npc are character that show their personality, 3dimensional character

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You need to add an all of the above for the first one

LOL I’m the most recent player(technically I joined late Dec of 2019)

fund vesteria from ber quitting mh gang

I play vesteria to be a troll/support thingie as knight and cleric
My trickster is my main account and I like it becuase I always liked the idea of being a jester and I like other support classes because I like how it feels to help people

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Idk if this is just me, but all that stickman stuff is just kinda eh… idk how to put it but It’s just not something I like.

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That’s like say you don’t like a game cuz it has pixel graphics, give it a chance when I release the episode 3 ;))

I like the story an can tell you put a lot of effort, it’s just not my style.

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well sorry Ninjade but I’m on Garret side here (I mean WaterWolfX)

do you think I’d do stickman if I could do anime styled animations? I’m still a very small amateur and I still don’t master the bases of full-body, right now I’m sticking with the story (which didn’t start yet, right now I’m showing the main character and the rest of the secondary characters). Hope y’all understand :)) @Bluemin_Sword @WaterWolfX


I like hunters cus they have range and good moves, plus there my kind of play type. I don’t like Trickster tho cus I like fighting a large amount of mobs at once. Clerics also good cus I make money off of helping noobs that don’t know the value of money (and selling golden mushroom on a slot I rebirth) so It kind of fits to be a sport character, its fun to help people (and when they remember me they always say I and do me favors :wink: )

bro trickster has disengage, it legit attacks every close mob with a bow and tracks them if the mob runs lmao TRICKSTER IS SO GOOOOD AND FUN

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Ya, but it flings you away, I like being doggy pilled by them and then walking out front the red smoke of there remains :sunglasses:
Plus if I got trickster I’d just end up doing 1v1 cus thats (in my opinion) is what its best at. I guess Im just not interested in it, not my play type
the swap moves cool tho

I like trickster just cuz of disengage, flings away and tracks people, simply epic

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I would like to see it but dont force yourself too much and have a fun doing that animation

well I get why you can’t make that type of animation, it’s just something I dont usually like to watch, you still make great stuff and I respect that

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