[Updated] Gold Resistance

About Our Guild
Our guild, Gold Resistance, was founded on July 7th, 2019 by Ectoplasym. Our guild has lots to offer. Our guild is open to level 30+ players and all classes. We take pride in our community and strive to become bigger and greater each day. We have worked hard to improve our guild from the day we started. We strive to achieve greatness in each of our members, and we hope that you decide to come and join us, too.

  • You must have discord.
  • You must apply to get in. You will be given the recruit rank if your application was accepted. In order to get into the guild you must show activity in the discord during your time as a recruit.
  • Preferred age is 13+
  • Must not be known for scamming or any other bad qualities.
What Makes Us Different
  • We have an elite division for the most skilled players in our guild, the division is called Golden Crusade.
  • Youtubers/Media
  • Daily events
  • Experienced leadership
  • Fun and safe community
  • We have a question of the day
  • We have occasional competitions followed by prizes. The prizes may include custom roles, in-game items, and even ROBUX.
  • To become HR, you must pass through a certain test. You will be put up against other candidates and only the best will receive the rank. You will also have to write a well-written application, containing very detailed work.
Ranking System
  • Visitor - Just a visitor, this rank is open for everyone to have.
  • Recruit - A visitor whose application has been accepted.
  • Member - A recruit who has been noticed for activity. This rank makes up the majority of the guild, without them, we wouldn’t be able to be where we are now.
  • Member+ - The members who have been noticed for outstanding activity, kindness, and stands out from the other members.
  • Officer - Passed the application and met all of the requirements. (Also beat the other candidates)
  • General - An officer who has been responsible, extremely active, and truly cares about the community for a good amount of time.
  • Council/Head Council - Only the most worthy HRs will receive such roles.
Guild Pictures


Special thanks to StormedMoons for the pixel art drawing