Most people don’t like to waste VERY much money on respawn, you lose 1/3 money if you die and a lot of people have bugs with Vesteria and they have to die to fix it or many people use reset to travel quicker and they have to lose 1/3 money? that’s sucks.
(I have 12 gold and if I die I lost 4 gold) that’s why nobody likes this upcoming update.
The same thing with trading 30% tax is too much and no one wants to lose money it’s just useless.
(a lot of people has less then 300 silver thas not a lot and if the update will come they will lose everything very quickly)
Stamina and collision can be a good obstacle, although stamina is more annoying because you can’t easily move and you can’t attack the pillars when you’re a warrior
(you have to jump but you lose stamina very quickly)and in cities, you run out of stamina very quickly.
So stamina is just not needed, not a hindering and annoying thing.
The collision is okay.
Dying (if you die you lose 1/3 your money)so if

My first language is not English so don’t be too nervous when I write something wrong.

If you’re talking about SQR, no, there’s no penalty for dying there. Also, you can hit the pillars without jumping.

It’s really hard to hit it and im not talking about SQ

Then what pillar are you talking about? If you mean Mo Ko Tu Aa, you don’t have to jump for that, either.

you shouldnt have 12g
tf u boutta do with 12g

what?i got 12gold

i was talking about pilar in SQ yes but not about death in SQ

there is no practical reason to have 12g just sitting around in your possession, especially since its not being actively used

this is what causes inflation
the death penalty is a lazy yet effective sink

you shouldnt have 12g
tf u boutta do with 12g

No seriously, what was the point of holding onto 12 gold in the first place?

I had 2 gold, and I’ve been buying wayfarer tickets and equipment for people because I literally have nothing else to do with it.

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dude i didn’t even know that there was an update so i reseted to teleport and then it said are u sure. I clicked yes and then my screen said respawn 2.8 g. I was like what so I respawned and my gold when from 7g to 2.8 g. I WAS LIKE WTH. At least when you update put the update info on the actual game. I kinda quit and im playing overwatch now sighs. This game got kinda boring.

There was a notification in the title screen menu.

Yeah, right now there’s a glitch that you can lose more than 1/3 of your money like you’re supposed to.

im just the person who have tons of money and i want moreeeeeeeeeee and i want everything
my precious

they should fix bugs and then update vesteria there more then 100 bugs that are so annoying
bugs with respown in SQ bugs with blocking on something bugs with walking and a lot more

sometimes I can give like 2g to someone just for being a good player
i gave 2 webbed staff and more thne 8 cursed scrolls to magilli(medic!/cleric)
and something im giving money like 200s or more even 1g just for being kind

i just want to be the best and sometimes im giving money/items/cursed and ancients scroll
to some people thats why i have 12g and i think its not a lot even for normal players they should fix economy changing price in shops and how many % is for drop some items
and 12g is like old 2g so its not hard just gring one 4 hours and you have it

I have many friends and they don’t want to play Vesteria because this update sucks
stamina was bad and useless but okay we can play with this garbage but if I reset I will lose tons of money so I have to run 1 hour to someplace for nothing

thank you for proving inflation exists

they should chage price in shops and how much % you got for droping some items thatss how they should fix it

Also, this death penalty is perfectly fine for fixing inflation.