Update from the Twitter regarding the Map and Warriors

Just pumping some Warrior pride out here

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Rejoice You Warriors, As Warriors Are Supreme!!!

you’re secretly hiding your mage pride right :thinking::question:


Pretty sure you’re hiding your mage pride? Right… gets cut down by a warrior

Nah, WARRIORS!!! Warriors%20(2)

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We all know Hunters are the best class, no need to deny it, you can’t even get to half of the places on that map without our amazing double jump! Hehehe

That Sacred Area Is For Warriors Only, Any Hunters In There Shall Get Slain By My Sword.

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Nah, but we can get their faster with our Combat Roll. Or, you know, by stabbing you with a massive sword.

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Can’t kill what you can’t hit! You’ll be panting as we’re only reaching 25% of our stamina capability!

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man i cant wait for the hunter area