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Hello there! After an update, it’s common to see different topics talking about it, and most of the time, they turn around the same things. That’s why I decided to create a topic where everything is regrouped!

Reply with:

  • What you like and dislike the most about the update :+1::-1:

  • Interesting facts/tips and tricks about the update :exploding_head:

  • What you would change about the update :memo:

  • Things added but not mentioned in the patch note :new:

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I was hoping goblins would be higher-level but then they are supposed to be swarmies. I haven’t checked the update yet but they are a new kind of mob as they have the Rock throw. I’m also looking forward to getting those new mage gears. Reminder: I’m not sure about goblins since I haven’t tried update yet.

I can’t wait to play!

Not a fan of the update. Very little has changed for us higher levels. The grind is the same, the only good part is being able to get a rare dagger from spiders but after that, the game is dull once again. Didnt even bother going to goblins they’re level 9…

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I mean, we will get higher level mobs, soon. But mages are really smoothed out now! So are ranged attacks in general.

Berezaa said they wont raise the level cap any time soon

I forgot to say soon :tm:, mb. Forgot the trademark.

update: Mages get a compleat rework, new enemy, new shop gui, so many new changes

This guy: WhErE iS MoRE HiGh lEVeL CoNTeNT

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You can’t get upset at his reasoning. He is completely correct. However, he should also realize this game is in Alpha, and that HE chose to get this game.

go suck an ice-cream and put his reasoning in a freezer

how is this relevant?

he is angry that there is no high-level content when high-level content isn’t even supposed to be a thing yet and won’t be for a while and if you are dumb dedicated enough to go past lvl 20-25 then uhhh… yeah it’s your own fault and you can’t complain about the fact that it ‘‘feels boring and gets repetitive’’

berezaa made his post a few minutes after doomroblox made his. (doomroblox: 11:19, berezaa: 11:22). He is correct. there is basically nothing to do for high levels. once you hit level 15 there is basically no reason to play. It’s not doomroblox’s fault that he played the game the way it was meant to be played.

also, calling a person or a group of people “dumb” (even if its hidden) will get your regular badge taken away-- Even if one person out of a hundred takes offense to it.

well uhh… sorry?

but like… even berezaa said that content past level 20 isn’t there yet and if you go past that it’s your own decision and you shouldn’t complain about it and the fact that he said it after doomroblox original post doesn’t make it any less invalid.

I simply get very mad when people complain about petty problems that are the fault of their own choices and decisions.

I do admit that calling people dumb isn’t right and yeah… I’m sorry about that xd

this ain’t it chief

warrior has a new icon for the lol i mean upper cut ability Screenshot_10
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I’m not angry at all… I’m just giving my honest opinion. I understand what they are doing but and it makes sense but to be fair, most of the alpha testers are going to be high levels because they already invested into the game. Whats the point in waiting for the game to be up to your level. Once again, not angry or disappointed, the update is good but I just have nothing to do so im not going to play and I spent money on a game that I have nothing to do on.

  • I like that the mages got a rework.
  • I dislike that magic bomb got nerfed hard, being near useless unless you aren’t being aggro’d (so basically you can’t be a solo mage and expect to use magic bomb at all). I also dislike that Blink now is suicide for mages; but this is a bug, not an intentional design. So I can’t complain as much.
  • I would change the shrink of the original bomb. It should be about 1/2 the original size, not 10%. That way I can actually hit things.

But other than that, good stuff.

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