Unreliable Data Saving

There have been cases, ever since the death penalty was added, of data loss the past day.

Me and @avoiided traded in Farmlands, he got my Spider Dagger and he gave me scrolls. Then…

In addition, earlier on a Hunter slot, I traded some crabby claws for fish, then I joined Nilgarf, only to find that the claws I JUST traded for fish were back in my inventory, and I didn’t have the fish I had.

This has to be fixed as soon as possible, @berezaa.

If possible we would like a refund :wink:

Same thing happened to my friend while doing the Elder Mushroom quest.

This happened to me BEFORE the death penalty was added. Basically, on my mage slot, I bought the blue mage hat and I went to Farmlands. I checked my inventory and I saw no blue mage hat, my money was the same value before buying the hat. I kept rejoining and buying the item but it didn’t save my data. So, I finally gave up and went to bed. The next day, data finally saved for me. Yeah, I would like this to be fixed please.

Yeah, I think going from anywhere to Farmlands is the culprit here.

During that time, I also went to Seaside Path just to test if it worked there but, it still didn’t save my data.

Hi everyone. I gotta be real with you here, I’m not really sure just how much I can help with this problem.

Roblox’s datastores are painfully unreliable. It’s something that I have been fighting very strongly since I started my internship at Roblox and up until the day I left. callmehbob, the creator of Royale High, even reached out to me about datastore issues with Roblox and I connected her to Roblox staff.

Here’s a graph of datastore failures:

This is every time a Vesteria server told Roblox they wanted to save a player’s data and Roblox said haha NOPE not happening.

Here’s what I’ll try do to next update to combat these errors:

  1. Alert players when an automatic data save has failed
  2. Prevent players from teleporting to another map if their data failed to save.

However, this still might not help if you leave the game while Roblox datastores are getting hit hard. It’ll only prevent data loss between teleports.

I’m really annoyed and frustrated that this even is an issue, but I’ll try to get it fixed.

Make it run the save script twice?! Three times?! 217 times just to be sure?!

That would break Datastores even more lol