Unplayable game still 4months later... 😑

So 4 months ago when I started playing this horrible broken mess of a game I found a few severe bugs on “XBOX” which made me quit a probably the whole “Xbox playerbase” so I have now returned to the game to find that nothing has been done the “devs” are obviously only doing this to joke around with us “xbox users” as pc seems to be their favourite I would happily compare this game to fallout 76 and we all know how that turned out I hope vesteria continues to go that same route cause I don’t want to be playing a game that I can’t enjoy and have fun playing so there’s no point in me listing the bugs cause they’ll just be pushed into the junk pile like all the bugs that are on Xbox
Bugs list
•Select not working on main menu can’t select anything apart from slot 1
•Not able to select anything whilst being in the barber shop

Nothing can be done if you don’t actually list any specific issues.

Could you list the issues you are facing on XBOX? Then perhaps myself and others can agree that something needs to be done about them.

Yeah, you need to list specific issues.

Sadly the devs probably are not gonna do anything about this since the XBOX fanbase is so small compared to the PC fanbase, or even the mobile fanbase.

They probably will do something, but right now, there are higher priorities in development.

This is a pretty pc based game. Isnt very optimized for mobile much less an xbox of all things. Sorry to say, but im pretty sure a fix or revamp isnt coming anytime soon.

Yeah … this game does NOT like to run on anything other than a PC…

While I understand your pain of being unable to play on a certain platform, the XBOX playerbase is just too small. This game is geared towards PC, and it is (arguably) much easier to play on PC. So if you have a PC, (which I hope you do) just play it there for now.