Unofficial Vesterian Survey

What’s going on, Vesterians. I’m here to conduct a survey for the masses, this is NOT official. I don’t care who responds. If you’re interested, please reply to this topic using the following format:

Q1) What level are you on your main slot?

Q2) What faction did you pick?

Q3) If you are above level 30 and have picked a subclass, what is it?

Q4) How long do you play Vesteria on an average day?

Q5) How much gold/silver/bronze do you have on your main slot?

Thank you for reading the main portion of this survey! If you’d like to contribute to my data even more, please answer the following optional questions.

Q6) What do you dedicate your average Vesteria play session to?

Q7) Are you currently in a guild?

Q8) Do you play Vesteria regularly with friends?

Super Mega Bonus Question:

Q9) Do you like pie?

Thanks for reading, Cheers!

(I will release generalized data once I reach a larger number of responses)


make this a poll, some of these questions are yes/no

I prefer text answers, since they can be expanded upon if chosen to, instead of a simple Yes/No

ok then

  1. level 45
  2. Hunter
  3. Ranger
  4. around 2hrs, used to be a lot more but not anymore after this update
  5. 13.1 gold
  6. I usually grind Spider Queen’s Revenge or do guild events
  7. Yes
  8. Yes
  9. Yes
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Thank you for your response!

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nevermind lol

  1. 45
  2. Warrior
  3. Berserker
  4. 4-5 hours
  5. 2.7g
  6. Leveling up my other slots.
  7. Yes
  8. No

Thank you!

  1. 36
  2. Hunter
  3. Assassin
  4. 1.5 hours
  5. 3.1 gold
  6. Just chill with my friends
  7. Yes (pls no spray)
  8. Yes
  9. Just chicken pie
  1. Mages.
  2. Sorcerer.
  3. 3-4 hours, sometimes even more.
  4. Around 9 gol
  5. Duel in Nilgarf, Grinding exp, Dungeons.
  6. Yes, PoTM .
  7. No. Well sometimes.
  8. Yes who doesn’t.

You had to say it. Sry…

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Behold my anti-anti guild spray

  1. 45
  2. Hunter
  3. Assasin
  4. 30 minutes to 2 hours
  5. Around 7g
  6. Guild events
  7. Yes
  8. Usually
  9. Depends on what kind of pie it is

1- Level 29, I was a dumb poo and used the rebirth system to get rid of my bad stats
2- Hunter
3- N/A but If I had to choose it’ll probably ne Assassin
4- 2-3 Hours+, yet I can’t level up fast, yipee.
5- A few hundred silver, I rarely play since I’ve sort of lost interest
6- Levelling up, grinding SQR
7- No
8- I rarely play with friends since they quit the game, but sometimes I play with my brother
9- Depends… There’s this Chicken Pie I had in primary and it was so good, but I’ll never find it again :frowning:

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I. level 34
II. mage
III. cleric
IV. about 30 mins
V. 33.3 silver (sadly)
VI. Money and exp grind
Other questions are Yes except 9
IX. don’t know never tasted pie
Edit: for IX just remembered I had a really dense chicken pie for breakfasts one day, liked it

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  1. 36, I think, but also I’m about half way to 37. Hoping to get there soon. Obviously the end goal is to get to level 45, but I don’t know if I’ll get there before the next level cap raise. Who knows when that’ll be. Hopefully not when Whispering Dunes releases because then I for sure wont be able to hit it for a while. Also, hopefully it’s not all that much, maybe just to level 50 so that we can get some subclass gear. I’ve heard that’ll be level 50. I hope not, it’ll take so long to get there. Maybe the new mobs in Whispering Dunes will make it easier though. No clue what level they are to be fair, but I assume they must be pretty high level considering how hard Whispering Dunes is apparently going to be. I also heard there might be a dungeon in Whispering Dunes. That’s pretty exciting to hear, the only one we have so far is SQR and it becomes unviable to grind pretty quickly. Either way, excited to see if Whispering Dunes will help me level faster (provided I don’t die constantly).

  2. I picked Mage. Seemed to be the most interesting to me at the time, and I don’t regret it at all to be honest. It’s really fun to be able to bomb any enemy giving you too much trouble if you can’t get rid of them with your basic attack. Speaking of basic attack, I really am happy that they brought back the non-mana using basic attack for Mage. That mana using basic attack was absolutely garbage and it caused you to drain your MP far faster than you should have, even faster then using Thundercall and stuff if I’m not mistaken. I also have a Hunter slot, which is currently level 29 to answer the first question because I’ve been too lazy to grind it up to 30. Difficult when it’s a melee hunter based thing and melee is completely nonviable to grind with. I’ll probably have to switch my entire build around to be more focused on bow focused and go with the Ranger subclass. I’ve seen and heard how good it is, and after I finish grinding to max on my main it’ll probably be what I’ll be going for next.

  3. I picked Sorcerer on my main slot, for one because it was the closest subclass trainer when the game reset and I was at the Tree of Life, and also because I played around with all of the subclasses in the testing area thing that you can access through Nilgarf (have we given a name to that? Is it just the testing area?) and I found Sorcerer to be more of my style. I sort of regret not picking Cleric though, especially with the death penalty around. I mean, it would be nice to be able to heal, and to be able to dish out more damage (1.1x due to Holy Magic perk) and revive people. Nevertheless, I’m not resetting my slot to level 10 just to re-pick my subclass. I’m sticking with Sorcerer no matter what happens (except if Sorcerer gets removed or something). On my other Hunter slot like I said I originally planned to go for the Assassin subclass but I’ve decided that I’ll probably switch to Ranger just because of how good it is. Then again, we’ll see if it gets nerfed hard soon or not. It just seems too good right now.

  4. A few hours, probably. I don’t know the exact amount. Probably too much for my own good, to be honest. Sometimes I don’t play it at all though during a day, mostly when I’m just too angry and I know I’ll make a poor decision in game that will ripple through the rest of my playthrough and will affect my enjoyment of Vesteria as a whole. That’s something I really want to avoid, so I tend to avoid playing on those days. Other days I grind for a really long while just because I want to be ready for Whispering Dunes. I honestly don’t know whether or not to continue grinding to level 45 because Whispering Dunes will be hard, or stop grinding sooner because Whipsering Dunes will make it easier to level. From what I’ve seen, some key Whispering Dunes features have not been added yet (constant stamina drain, boss fight, dungeon, etc.) so we’ll see how it goes. I’ll probably listen to people who have gone there before I even try going in myself and get some advice and overall just see how it looks and how it plays.

  5. Approximately 1G currently. I can’t check precise amounts because hovering over your coins amount to see exact amount is broken. I hope that gets fixed soon. I know the devs know about it, I just don’t know how high priority fixing it is. It’s really inconvenient to not be able to, though. On my Hunter slot, I actually completely forget how much money I have. I think it’s something like 600s. I’ll have to check it out, maybe trade it to my main slot using an alt I purchased to farm referrals (I didn’t get the Shroom Pet despite having done a bunch of referrals, and I heard it was a 1/100 chance which is a bit of a shame). Either way, hopefully I can increase back to where I was, which was 2.3G before I died from lag fighting Mo Ko Tu Aa (I can never spell that name correctly. Let me know if I did). That’s about all I have to say for that.

  6. Grinding EXP for the most part. I tried grinding Guardian Cores to sell, but it takes so long even in the Colosseum where Guardians respawn constantly. No one plays Shroompocalypse anymore, so that’s pretty out of the question, which is a shame because Shroompocalypse is probably the best spot to grind money (1 Golden Mushroom = 1 Silver). I hope Shroompocalypse sees some new life after the death and trading tax really start to hammer down on people. I think it probably will, but who am I to judge. SQR is decent for getting money, but it’s not worth spending all that time really, especially when you have a chance of dying and rather than being spawned back at the Spider Queen room, you end up back at the first setup room (which from what I’ve heard, is known about but still not fixed). It’s a bit of a pointless endeavour to grind SQR for money to be honest. But all of that is besides the point. I tend to grind EXP at Forsaken Isle, just because I find it to be the quickest spot. I know Batty Cage is also pretty good and far less risky, but I find myself wanting to see those bigger numbers from killing the mobs at Forsaken. SQR, as I stated before takes too long to grind when you get to higher levels to be worth it. Again, as I stated before, I am excited for Whispering Dunes to see what new, high level mobs are there to grind for EXP. Hopefully I can hit the cap using the Whispering Dunes mobs. We’ll just have to wait and see, I guess.

  7. I am not currently part of a guild, no. I joined the PotM Discord server for a little bit as a visitor just because I was interested in seeing the inside of it and also I needed a place to get away from the forced high quality posts of the forums (although now the overall quality of posts has really gone downhill really quickly, but that’s a topic for another day) and just be able to rant and say dumb things (this was before #mushtown was brought back on the official Vesteria Discord server). I don’t really think that counts though, as I never really considered myself part of PotM. In that case, I’ve never been in a guild. Don’t really care to be in one either. I find it sections off the community, and I’ve already gone into great lengths about why guilds actually hurt the game in the long run (I wont post it here because I’m too lazy to find the link, but you can probably find it if you look through my profile). Also, I feel as if though joining a guild would cause me to be biased towards them in my posts, and that’s really something I want to avoid (I try to avoid being biased in most of my posts that aren’t my opinion, at least primarily).Basically, until guild exclusive content comes out in the game itself, I plan on staying without a guild.

  8. Depends on what you consider “playing Vesteria with friends”. Do you mean real life friends? Because in the case, no, not usually. I don’t really have many friends who are all that into Roblox, and the ones that are aren’t all that into Vesteria. If you mean people from your friends list on Roblox (what I assume the question actually refers to), then I occasionally play with friends. I don’t have too many people from the Vesteria community on my friends list, so it’s not really all that common to see friends who I didn’t add from Vesteria itself playing Vesteria, but there are some people on my friends list who play Vesteria regularly enough, and I do see them sometimes. Really depends where they are and where I am in the map. Obviously if one of my friends is in Tree of Life and I’m at Port Fidelio or something like that, I probably wont see them despite playing Vesteria at the same time as them. You can also end up in different servers, so really trying to play with friends in Vesteria is a bit of a hassle. There’s one other way to interpret the question, which is people who you consider “friends”. There’s a good amount of the Vesteria community which I would consider to be good people and who I see often here and there. Occasionally we chat a bit. If that’s what you mean, then yes, I do play Vesteria regularly with people who I find to be quality people to be around and to share discussion with.

  9. I’ve only ever really had pie once, and that was for Thanksgiving (quite a few years ago, not the recent one). I think it was pumpkin pie, and I found it to be absolutely awful. It was store-bought, to be fair, but nevertheless it sort of ruined my appetite for pie. I guess I should probably give it another shot so that I can better answer this question, but I probably wont to be honest. I’m surprised how many people actually enjoy pie. It seems like one of those things that everyone is a fan of, but I just can’t figure out why. Maybe it’s because of the different variants of pie. Again, like I said before, I’ve only really had pumpkin pie and I was not really a fan of it, but maybe some other variants would pique my interest more. I know this is a really long and stupid answer to your question, but then again, out of all of the questions I’ve answered here, which answers aren’t long and stupid?


1, My main always changed so I would just choose my Assassin level 32

2, all of em, I tried all the faction and I know all the class play style

3, well I have 2 Hunter Assassin and Ranger, a Paladin and Sorcerer

4, I usually play Vesteria for 2 - 6 hour

5,I usually have 200S.

6, exploring, make a good Vesteria screenshot, farming, and sometimes story’ inspiration

7, yes Stardust warrior (parody of Stardust Crusader)

8, well I usually play with DroLreM and StupidFaiz

9, I never ate other Pie other than fruit pie and I think it taste okay

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