Uno! (Forum Game)

Let’s pretend we’re playing uno! standard uno cards. just pretend you have cards, like any cards in standard uno packages.

Wait for at least 3 people until you can reply again.

Here, the first card is a

Places a Red 2

plays a blue 2 (how many cards do we start with?)

Places a blue 5.

I Place Green5

Places green reverse

insert green skip

I draw a card and place down at red 5.

hmmmmm red 9


Referring To What?

Ignores the Illusion 100 and places down a red 7

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+4 cards to the next player and i pick green

idea of this topic


i place down a green 8

i place a wild card, I choose yellow

I place down a yellow 3.

I place a yellow 5. I automatically win because it’s a cancerous dye.

No u