Unlockable face, skin color, shirt, pants, hair and mobile wardrobe

In the game make it so you can unlock things to change your characters look as well as an option to change how your character looks in game without starting a new game

I don’t think you’d want to unlock anatomical changes, but unlocking new clothes is a good idea. They’d probably be in a location with a Wardrobe, Barber, etc.

This would be really cool if you unlocked certain clothing for completing certain milestones.

or missions

Why would you get a new hairstyle if you slew 15 Krabs though?

We definitely want to allow players to unlock customization after they’ve started their save file.

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maybe like a stylist in every town who gives you customization options

That one guy got a beard for slaying 30 elder shrooms, so I feel like anything is possible in Vesteria!

I can’t wait to see some cool looking characters running around

Awesome idea! :smiley:

By Cool Looking You Mean Impossible Skin-Tones? As That Is What I See A Lot In Vesteria.