Unban me from the discord server, I BEG you

Unban me from the discord server. Please. I will never put a pufferfish emoji again. -BigDisgrace#6418
No but seriously I am full of regret I’ll never do it again I swear please holy vesteria developers unban me I will not post the forbidden emoji ever again please.
T h a n k

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Is it permanent?

Yeah, I got banned when I posted a pufferfish after they were banned. It’s been months. I saw people taking about it so I posted the emoji I didn’t know it was banned :pensive:

I see, they should add it in the rules or something because I did not know either.

I don’t think it’s a rule anymore, it was when Davidii was gettin mad at pufferfish-carrot memes. I thought it would be like a week ban but no. Why Davidii why :C

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the reason of why he made people getting banned from the server for using the pufferfish meme is bcus, if you dint know, in the video, after the pufferfish is eaten, he gets abused, which is a thing nobody cared about (well except boomers and the media)

I don’t think it should’ve been a permanent ban tho, just try to get into contact with mods or something. Another reason why specific rules need to be set in place.

PLEASE UNBAN ME im sorry for getting 50+ infractions in 1 day then once muted I was still able to talk and got more infractions!!! @Meta

If that was you’re only mistaken unban this boi

Eugh moment

How do I get in contact with mods? PMing them?

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Yeah if you have discord try to dm one, like meta or something.

How do I dm them if I’m not in the vesteria discord server?

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That’s true…

Banning for using a emoji? Its already a primitive form of communication let alone the most least offensive way to say anything, I’m not up to date with this but from what I’m reading in this topic its something controversial but even then still, for a emoji? Pretty ridiculous.

:carrot: :blowfish:

Probably something like that. David is too sensitive about these things tbh

the reason of why he banned emoji replicas of the pufferfish meme is bcus, after the pufferfish eats the carrot, the holder of the pufferfish abuses him, which is a thing nobody cared about (except the media, the boomers, and davidii.)
and, as all we all, and i mean, ALL, know, animal abuse is NOT O.K, so he banned anything relating to the pufferfish meme.

I dont know what your talking about, regardless of context or meaning banning someone because of default emojis is unacceptable

what im talking about is what @BigBruh101 was banned for, posting somethin relating to the pufferfish meme.

I know what happened, I dont know what the “pufferfish meme” is.