Unable to join after equipping and teleporting with Pristine Wooden Pads (and possibly other attributed equips)

I got Pristine Wooden Pads from the first Hog I killed, so I put it on, but the armor I had on previously appeared to still be equipped but it was back in my inventory and I kept the stats from it. When I hovered over my newly obtained Wooden Pads, it showed the exact stats of the Surveyor Robes I had on before, and when it was unequipped, it didn’t show anything.

I tried teleporting to Nilgarf just to experiment (knowing that something like this may happen) with the attributed equipment on, and then I got stuck on the arriving screen. Rejoining has been to no prevail to fix this issue, so I can’t play on this specific slot (slot 9).

EDIT: Found the error that might actually be the cause.

Took half an hour after the update came out to find a bug that broke the game. Potentially a new record?


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