Um exp much? what happend

IDK WHAT GOING ON BUT MY XP 17k something is this a joke bc i almost had it done and now i super far away might want to look at this @berezaa @Polymorphic

We’re making a thread about this soon. Tl;dr, the exp you need to level up has gone up, but the exp you gain per kill is also up. We did this to make it harder for high level players to poach lower level monsters and afk farm them. You are encouraged to fight monsters at your level.

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So i pretty much just lost 1-2hrs of grinding and now barely gain any exp this doesnt sound like a good idea lol i pretty much make the same amount as before from crabs and need 17K to lvl???! I make about 8 per kill now I need to do about 15x the work i did before :frowning: not happy about this.

LOL, you need 17k xp and you get 8 from crabs :laughing:

I get what the devs are doing, high levels will need to farm mobs that are at their level instead of basically mobbing low level mobs like crabs. This is hard to do right now considering the spiders are broken and there are no higher level mobs currently. (Not sure if the spiders spawning is fixed currently, the update just dropped and havent had time to go to Enchanted Forest.)

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