Two Games for Vesteria Now, It's Almost Prepared!

So this is the alpha game, which will be paid access and be able to be played on all the places I think.

This is the demo, I think it will be like the old limited public testing with only Mushtown and nowhere else?

That was fast :stuck_out_tongue:

For the Demo place, I’m actually using The Clearing as a template, and I’m building a really cool little demo place where you can test out our mechanics and stuff and then decide to buy the full game.

I might open it up as early as tonight if I finish.

We’ll be replacing the old Vesteria place with a public demo that is always open for free, and the new one will be the official paid access game.



Also, very good idea to put in a demo then the alpha game as seperate, I’m sure it will get tons of first impressions, as how it did to me when I played my first playtest.

Hopefully it’s by 8:00PM so I can get my licks in :slight_smile:
but with my luck it’s at 4 am in the morning

So hyped sadly got things to do tomorrow so hopefully its released tonight :smiley:!

Nice!!! Can’t wait to see what your team have done!

I’ll explain the new people what else is in the game to make them want to buy it even more :smiling_imp:

I can’t wait! (Unless I can of course)

I’ll do my best to inform and help people start off in the game.

Same, I’ll do that as well, and give em tips and stuff on their builds

Haha, I’ll just be trying to draw a map of everything or figuring out what stats do… ;-;

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Well, I should be able to play tomorrow, probably not in the morning but later on. (EST)

Yeah, I was hoping it was going to be released tonight.

Same still waiting ;( If not gonna be late on the grind cry

ber is still online so we still got a chance!!

Finish what?

I’m assuming he is talking about the demo, since he was talking about the demo in his post. The full game will most likely be released tomorrow.

So does that mean he is done with the PA enough for it to be released?

Let’s hope it does!

You should give tips on stat distribution as that is very critical to the gameplay.