Twilight Underground - Application Only Guild

  • Twilight Underground is a private application-based guild, focusing on grinding efficiency and moneymaking. We primarily use a service known as Discord in order to organize events and discuss the game.

  • Having a min-maxed character is not a must for guild membership, although it is heavily preferred. If you are still leveling up your character, we can help you get it the gear and experience it needs to become worthy of one our two divisions.

Woops! Looks like our applications are currently closed. We’ll be opening them again on December 15th, so make sure to check back in!

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What kind of perks do you get from graduating from a trainee to a member?

You will be able to access special events exclusively for members in the form of events in the two divisions.
There are 2 divisions, PVE being the latter and PVP being the second.
PVE focuses on player versus environment content like dungeons and farming, and PVP focuses on perfecting player versus player combat.

Members can also access exclusive weekly giveaways, featuring some very special rewards.

Applications can only be sent once every 3 days, otherwise your spammed applications will be automatically denied and you will be blacklisted from the guild for 1 month.
Troll applications will result in a 3 month blacklist.

This public application opportunity was opened on november 24th, and it will close on december 5th.
Future opportunities will be available, and this post will be edited to coincide with that.