Turn Simulacrum into a thundercall variant

As most of you would already know, warlock is getting a large rework. This includes changes to the warlock spell kit with dark ritual and pillage vitality getting turned into ability variants, dark ritual getting slashed, and simulacrum apparently becoming a trickster ability.

However, the simulacrum ability has inadvertently become a major part of a specific mage build, and this build would be completely ruined if simulacrum was moved off of mage. This post is me expressing why I think the ability should stay in the game, provided that it lost its spell copying trait.

This build in particular has a decently large following and synergizes very well with the simulacrum. I brought the community’s attention to that build, but it could never be the same without the simulacrum ability.

The pros of having simulacrum in the strength mage kit
One thing that makes the simulacrum ability special, is that casting it does not interfere with your other abilities. With a spell like dark ritual or sonic bomb, it forces you into a slow animation that has you stand still, and forces you to wait a moment before casting any other skills.

On the other hand, simulacrum just casts where your mouse cursor is when you push the button. You can then order it to detonate in a physical damage explosion on any target that comes close to it, provided that you can pay the mana cost to re-cast it.
This allows for some strategic play whether by charging the simulacrum into an enemy that gets slowed by pulse, or just activating the simulacrum right as your sonic bomb finishes casting.

Additionally, strength mages can benefit even more from the simulacrum because it won’t interfere with their basic attacks. This means they can benefit from items like the stingtail staff, and keep the melee damage and simulacrum detonating both flowing simultaneously.

Why thundercall?
For strength mages, thundercall has little to no use. We can use sonic blink as a finisher and sonic bomb to put out extra damage, but thundercall has no place in the kit because it forces you to stand still, on top of scaling off of int rather than str. Turning simulacrum into an ability variant for thundercall would allow this unique playstyle to thrive beyond the warlock rework, and allow for some more dynamic abilities in its place.

Once again, I thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my post. I would greatly appreciate if you could talk it in the comments, and discuss whether or not this would make a good change.

How does lightning turn into a literal clone of yourself tho, there’s no lore or specifics around it. It also just doesnt make sense, and chances are that simulacrum will get a remodel and buff of some sort

if im not mistaken thundercalls planned STR variant is going to be zap. and as triksune said how exactly would literal lighting copy moves?

It wouldn’t copy spells anymore. It’d maintain its place in the game as a powerful close range ability that can be weaved into attacks mid-casting, through the use of the physical damage detonation it has.

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Yeah, I don’t really want simulacrum anymore.

I want mah zombies.

I honestly hope they don’t remove pillige vitality and axe dark pulse , since I really want to keep my strength mage. Other than that pv is what makes warlocks good , removing it means even more players are gonna be clerics and sorcerers .

They uh… already did in F2P.

Sorry man, it’s pretty final

I really hope they leave warlock’s the way they are to me they are perfectly fine and all the abilities they have are unique and it wouldn’t make sense for a cleric to have pillage.


i kinda want trickster to have simulacrum, like the jester’s clone

Ew, You Shall Be The Cause Of The War Between Tricksters & Warlocks (No prejudice)
no to that cause Crazy’s My brother and i main trickster and he mains warlock

like the trickster makes a clone, then the clone proceeds to doing the default dance and then after the dance is completed, then charges towards nearest enemy, then explodes

No fartnight n00b :rofl:

this wasn’t my idea ;C

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Maybe Have A Transparent translucent jester that makes A small AoE of sparks kinda like magic arrows

speaking of transparent, im out of hiding.

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Finally! Was Ter- Oops!

Ha ha ha I’m Terul in disguise I got you prepare to bleep you will become a worshiper of terul.