Tuaa Staff Broken OP

Recently I have been working on a Cleric save of mine, levelling it up. I got a Tuaa Staff, used some scrolls on it, and it’s decent. I have lvl 10 Multibomb (30 DEX Mana Bomb), and lvl 2 Magic Missile (for low cd). I normally cast Magic Missile three times, then cast my Multibomb. My Multibomb normally costs ~105 MP per cast, but my Magic Missile costs ~5 MP per cast. Using the Tuaa Staff, I have easily obliterated mobs I honestly shouldn’t have a chance against (solo’d Scarab at lvl 36), and for next-to-nothing MP-wise. I feel like there should be some penalty for this, otherwise Mages will be more OP than they already are (+45 VIT just for lvl 40 armor set!!!). I like the perk, but it’s just too OP.

why aren’t you doing egg hunt :star_struck:

I disagree.

Tuaa Staff’s damage isn’t that high, but the mp cost is 1/4th lower than other staff’s. It’s balanced because of the low dps. As a sorcerer/warlock/cleric it’s much more viable to use an astro staff. If this is considered overpowered, the other mo ko tu aa weapons would also be considered overpowered. Compared to the dagger or the club, the staff is pretty under powered in my opinion.

The armor that lives +45 vit is pretty good in my opinion but it’s balanced because if you want to run multi bomb, you’d need more stats into dex if you use the vit set.

Mages are not that overpowered anyway. Clerics are weak at healing and have low dps. Warlocks are decent but don’t have much going for them compared to beserkers/assassins/rangers. Sorcerer is decent, it has a large AoE going for it.

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Nah it’s balanced, and soloing scarab isn’t a big deal

700 damage per bomb, 81 per Magic Missile, took roughly 30 mins.

That’s much slower than what you can get with an astro staff and max stars

I was level 36 at the time, remember? Scarabs are decently high-level after all. Also, for its level of gameplay, I am saying it is OP. At later in the game (dunes level), it is near useless, but at its level, it is OP af.

this is similar to the broken tuaa bow inf arrows thing, except instead of infinite arrows, infinite mana.

Pretty much. Except this isn’t a glitch. My Cleric has enough MP to where his MP regen outclasses the cost of three Magic Missiles, and the primary drain (Multibomb) is moot b/c Tuaa Staff.

BTW how do you make that inf arrows thing work? My Ranger save has a Tuaa Bow that I’ve been working on, wanting to make things get awesome.

so simple, just fire three times, then switch your off hand twice, then resume shooting three times. switching offhand takes like 0.4 seconds.

Interesting … so you just never hit that fourth shot … very interesting …

and back on topic, this isn’t that OP because magic missile hardly does any damage, and that 700 per bomb ain’t that much, you an solo scarab just by using mana stars.

I just think Tuaa Staff is super OP b/c MP becomes moot practically. Cast low-MP abilities 3 times then a high-MP ability. Just too unbalancing IMO.

also, tuaa staff’s damage of 121 ain’t that much compared to 151 from astrologist’s staff. So in my opinion, not worth it nor broken.

I mean, yeah, Astro staff is defo better, but until you can use it, it’s pretty much the best (unless u use Pure Mana Bomb for INT in which case Webbed Staff is best).

EDIT: Also, I have a 30DEX rest INT Cleric right now, it still has Multibomb.

My point still stands, the perk of the tuaa staff is complete garbage. It just makes your abilites cost 1/4 less mana. I guess you can use 3 missiles and a bomb to reduce costs but that just lowers dps. Tuaa staff isn’t that good and the only thing it has going for it is decent damage for level 35

Fair enough. Also, the Multibomb with majority INT fixed itself IDK why tho.

I haven’t tried out multibomb since I remembered not going full int as a sorcerer was dumb

Multibomb is majority DEX for Mana Bomb. It’s actually worthless, despite the hype.

I haven’t used multi bomb, but isn’t it supposed to be more powerful than a normal pure mana bomb if all the bombs hit? And, if you used a webbed, the DOT stacks?