[TS] Terul's Servants / Dark God's Servants Guild

Server Name: Terul’s Servants

Server Description: Followers of Terul.

Invite Link: https://discord.gg/qpGv3eW

Server Staff: BrodyEnderman, Felynix and iamawesome181818

Terul’s Servants is a small guild I created that is in desperate need of people. Its around Terul and the dark energy subclasses absorb. I will accept anybody with any subclass, but will prefer Terul-Related classes.

Now, since there can only be 10 people in the guild, I will allow anybody to freely join and visit; or be a pre-guild member, basically they would be a guild member, just not in the official game.

I’m planning on doing dungeons and giveaways to all that enter as well. I really want to see people working together doing dungeons or just playing the game.

And of course, this place is perfect to talk and communicate to one another. Like I said before, we desperately need more people and a big community, as we could eventually fall.

Thank you for your time, and I hope I see you there.