Trouble verifying

Hey there, my discord account was previously terminated. I tried to link my roblox with my new one, but it kept saying invalid code. I’ve verified using the code for the terminated account, and i’m wondering if there’s anything I can do.

@Polymorphic sorry for the ping but maybe you could help him.

I can’t seem to use my code that the Carlos bot gave me no matter which way I try, It always says Invalid Code. I’ve tried both Miner’s Haven and /verify in Vesteria.

Same. I’ve tried in all 3 games, but no luck :frowning:

I am having a similar issue :frowning:

can’t you just like
make a new discord account and link it with a different roblox account

I’m not willing to spend advertisement funds just to be verified in a discord.

The issue is that the system works as a 1-time use, when it shouldn’t.

That’s where RoVer is becoming handy.

bump !