Troll and liar, please ban him video is there.

So basically, the guy non-stop challenged me to duels and set crazy limits, such as not letting me use armor, whisking me to half health, not using any skills, etc.

He kept claiming I was cheating and using hacks but as everyone knows, caustic wounds is a perk and not a skill. He claimed I was hacking by using step through shadow too.

Is this considered as bullying and can he get any consenquences or punishments?

P.S My friend Billy_Lynn2 got scammed by him somehow. They were trading and the troll guy had a icicle in the trade, and Billy offered 100 silver. The trade ended, Billy didn’t get the icicle, but lost 100 silver.

P.S.S If you think this is fake since he is my friend, I thought he was a nice guy but was actually a lying troll.

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damn, feel sorry for your friend
hope he get his money back

anD tHat b0Yo dEserVeD to get CauStic wOUnD irL

Thank man, did you watch the vid btw?

yea I watch it, you used mushroom dagger apparently

Yea, cuz he kept going on being salty about my spider fang dagger…

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lol :joy:

uR wEaRiNg ArMoR sToP cHeAtInG aLrEaDy

(also u can just click on the item u wanna swap it immediately)

That mans a whole bruh moment

He deserves to be clowned on more than he deserves to be banned.

Also scamming isnt really a thing anymore, its a lowball for sure but they should’ve looked into trading more.

I’m not sure, but Billy said the icicle was there but he just didn’t get it.

This post is farfetched, in my opinion.

Trolls will always exist in a game. You won’t ever be able to avoid them. I don’t think it’s bannable nor should he be banned because of his behavior. The simplest thing that avoided all of the conflict is simply leaving the game, or going to a different place in the game, yet you decided to continue being played by him.

I do not consider this bullying; it is more like trolling to me. I’m sorry to say this but if you’re very sensitive in situations like this, then you should be avoiding the internet. I get that you’re trying to spread the message to other people, but as I’ve said, trolls will always be abundant in video games. Anyway, the dude you interacted with certainly is petty.

I apologize if I sound cold. This is simply my opinion.

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I understand it, just that I don’t understand how he did that trade with my friend.

How did he not get the icicle?

Guy still sucks though.

I don’t know, but he showed me through discord he didn’t have it and his inventory wasn’t full.