Trickster's Prism Trap fly-glitches Moglos

“goodbye little tribal man, this is your last yeehaw”

When a Tricker places down it’s Prism Trap in front of a Moglo, it’s model glitches / flies around nearby before disappearing into the top of the map.

These are at two different times since this happened in a bit over 7 seconds. The first is the beginning process, while the second is the end results of another. At the end of the first video, the second video shows what happens when the Moglo continues to fly higher like it would’ve in the first video.

Beginning of replication:


Prism trap glitches all mobs that aren’t giants apparently. ETC: Spiderlings, Baby Mushrooms. It sends them to space and can actually ruin SQR runs. Really want this to be fixed, as Prism Trap isn’t that useful if it sends them to space and you get no EXP.

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Yea, I was just thinking of that on how it’d affect SQR… I really hope nobody does that in SQR, I know it’d definitely get me peeved. For now on I’ll just use it on bigger mobs in that case, thanks.

If you do go into SQR like that, either dont use trap or bring a cleric; flare can actually hit them through walls and it can save the game. One time a paladin rebuked it at the start, and they all left except me and another person and i still killed it with flare lmao and got loot

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It’s actually a very good idea for really hard mobs like Giant and Super Giant Spiderlings, as well as the Spider Prince (1-shot KO? Heck yeah!) and it kills them instantly.