Tricksters disengage is being removed

Ber plans on removing Disengage with a new shotgun type of move from what I’ve heard, and I want to just ask why? The move is fine if anything why replace it with a watered down version of ranger stance. Wouldn’t it be better to give it a move with bombs or something? Considering trickster was supposedly gonna be able to use bombs. Even so why remove disengage in the first place when quite literally almost every other subclass is overpowered, we have berserker and ranger with insane dps and high damage who’ve never gotten a nerf, I’m not even going to bother about cleric, sorcerer is pretty overpowered but from what I’ve heard they’re giving meteor strike to warlock which i don’t know if it’s true but if it is that’s not a good idea warlock is supposed to be a soloist necromancer class, it’d be better to just nerf meteor strike. Back on track, my point is why remove something that’s good from what may be the weakest subclass, what are you guys opinions on this

Again I’m not entirely sure meteor strike will go to warlock but I hope not, I do know earth call is being removed and will be a perk that changes rock throw when you have enough str points

i would like bombs for trickster

i like bombs

Fun bombs, yesss my bombs yesss

tactical nuke

Uhh about the moving meteor to warlock thing, is that happening? I think sorcerers are suppose to be able to use all elements, which includes fire (No we are not the avatar but try to be)

Also in my mind I associate warlocks with edginess and that’s what seems to be in vesteria so I don’t think it would make sense.

spamming meteor is edgy

Disengage didn’t really synergize with the trickster’s kit. Besides the fact that a full INT trickster can deal ridiculously high damage with his prism traps, tricksters are in an alright position. Tricksters scale off of INT, not STR.

max INT trickster with high iq incoming