Trickster Switch-Strike Works on Dunes Mini-Bosses

Trickster should not be able to Switch Strike on bosses or mini-bosses. I recently saw a max level trickster switch strike Akutifiti down to the ground. He proceeded to use a trap and swap Akutifiti there to glitch him on purpose. This sent Akutifiti flying and now the server boss won’t respawn.

Ngl thats kinda a gangster move!

I am pretty sure this issue only applies to dunes minibosses since it isn’t coded as a boss or a giant mob, normally giant mobs and bosses are not able to be switch striked.

No not really. I’m usually slightly sarcastic and toxic but this guy just ruins the server. Too bad blocking doesn’t work anymore.

Yeah, that seems like a problem.

It does not even benefit the Trickster, so this should be changed.

It was an epic gamer moment bruh.

I’ve done this, funny but needs to be fixed. Or just fix trap