Trickster Rework

It’s been around 4-5 months since I last played Vesteria and there STILL hasn’t been a trickster rework.
What Hunter subclass do you main?

  • Trickster
  • Assassin
  • Ranger

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Do you think Trickster should be reworked?

  • Yes, there should be a rework
  • No not at all

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Shouldn’t this a yes or no question?

It should be what subclass do you primarily play as if you are a hunter

i think you should be patient

there is an ability update coming out soon

maybe 2 months

trickster will be better by then
if not then people will complain again

i would like to say that im a ranger and trickster on my main, i reborned from max ranger to try trickster. im exited for rework. anyone know what rework will be?

uh everything?

hope they keep disengage and traps. i would like to see disengage stronger tho

If all updates phases continue as proposed, then individual subclasses pretty much wont exist soon. It’s a bit hard to explain in detail, so I’m just going to grab an explanation I made a while back:

It’s a bit of a long read, but hopefully it gives/gave you a decent idea of the plans for subclasses moving forward.

There most likely wont be any overhauls to individual subclasses themselves (unless these plans don’t work out) just because they’ll be gone in a bit.

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well yes i know this
but what will the new abilitys be?
for trickster quests i mean.
thats what im asking, ik bout subclass removle alr

Card for disenage :clown_face:

disengage stay or leave?
and traps?

No one really knows that. I’d wager to guess that Trickster’s abilities will probably be unchanged as a whole, maybe a few tweaks for balance though.

thats what i thought too. thanks for replying btw

I have been patient.

be more patient, there’s other things on the table right now