Trickster current state in the game

Trickster currently seems to be the worst sub-class in the game right now.
He get out class by the other two hunter sub-classes, can’t do as much damages as assasin, and worst than ranger in every single way.

Prism trap : currently this move is completely broken and not in a good kind and even when the trap ISN’T broken it still doesn’t do much since there is not much point in traping a non boss enemy instead of just stabbing it to death with your dagger. It’s also useless against bosses as they dont move much and good luck luring it into your trap.
Switch strike : It deals low damage,it switches the enemie place with the user,it is in practical in combat, it is useless.

Disengage : trickster’s saving grace but isn’t enough to justify picking trickster over the other two classes.

Trickster promote a lackluster, under-developed play-style that is isn’t good at anything and bad at too much things. Even if these skills recevie huge it would not be good enough. The only way i can see this class to be something worth picking is for it to receive a complete rework. Here’s my idea :

Prism trap should be change into a different kind of attack and that attack would be called prism wrap. basically Trickster would shoot out a projectie that once it hit the target the target would be wrap around the prism taking high damage over 3 seconds before disappearing. after 3 seconds of constant damge the prism would explodes doing splash damage. Trickster would shoot out more of these projecties if you upgrade the skill (level 5 make you shoot out 2 projecties and level 10 give you 3) if these projecties hit the same target it would increase and prism life-span by 1.5 seconds(2 projecties = 4.5 seconds and 3= 6 seconds making the prism explodes 2 times before disappearing). This move could also slower the enemies speed and attack speed.

Switch strike should be buff by making it changing it functionality, it would still relocate the user but with the projectie not the enemy, trickster could press the skill button again after shooting out the attack to instantly be teleported to the projectie location leaving explodsions to the trickster old location and new location. This would make this move useful when used in a pitch and when used offensively.

Disengage honestly this move should be kept as it is right now.
This rework would give trickster more crowd control potential while still keeping mobility play-style alive and making trickter a better class in general.

TL:DR: Trickster is a bad class and should be reworked into a high mobility with more crowd control.
(Sorry for any grammar mistakes english is my second language)

I agree with a rework but also; disengage is a free moment to eat subs. That combined with a bow is an easy kill in PvP.

Also, please space out your post and make a TL:DR.

Sorry if this post was hard to read, i struggle with literature.

It’s fine. I’m from America and am still bad at English at times. :slight_smile:

trickster isn’t supposed to do much damage, tricksters in all games i play is just for trolling