Trickster Builds

So, after being on here for a while I learned that trickster can be pretty fun. After talking to a few people in-game, I have learned trickster can/is a hybrid class. So can anyone give me a table of some sort explaining what each stat group does to a bow/melee weapon? Just like how STR makes bomb go faster and blink do damage for mages, DEX for more bombs, and INT for magic damage. What does each group do for the abilities of a ranger/trickster/assassin? Asking for each subclass so I can make a personalized build as I’ve learned I don’t really mix with mainstream builds and always take 10-20 points here or there to switch it up a bit.

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Dex affects how many arrows you shoot at once, and attack speed, and str ups power of knife attacks and makes arrows go faster. I don’t know if int does anything right now other than boost the max mana you have. Rangers are really op with max dex or 90 dex and the rest str, and I’ve seen a lot of assassins go all str with only 10 dex for the perk. Ranger needs the dex because of its ranged abilities, and assassin needs str because it’s mostly melee, but sense trickster is a cross between the two, most of the people I’ve seen just go 50/50 between the two, or lean towards dex for the arrow buff.