Trickster Buff Suggestion

Well, as you can see in the title, I would like to suggest something to make trickster better because actually, people (and me) are mostly using it for Disengage and because it’s just fun to play.

What I think should be good for trickster is to make Prism Trap invisible to everyone except the user ! This would make it much better.

I also think that adding different traps would be really cool. These traps would be the followings:

  • Mine: This trap explodes if anyone step on it.
  • Poison Trap : This trap would poison anyone stepping on it and deal continuous low damage.
  • Web Trap: This trap would catch the foe in a web, slowing them down.
  • Teleport Trap: The user place two traps at two different spots, if someone step on one of the trap, they are teleported to the other one.

This should replace the actual Prism Trap and you could switch trap by pressing a certain key. If someone does not agree with this suggestion, feel free to tell me why, I’m open to every type of discussions !

Edit : If you have more trap ideas, feel free to post them here !!!

the invisible prism trap sounds fun, but different traps could be a bit OP.


Wait this is actually a brilliant idea. This makes players actually go into the trap!

The teleport trap sounds like a great idea, I would love to see it implemented in the game

Really cool idea but I dont think there should be that many also there are some with the same kinda ability. EX web slow them, ice freeze them the web becomes useless. But my favorite is the teleport.

True, the web trap is kinda useless if there is ice.

I think I’m gonna remove ice from the list because it’s more like…magical, idk how to explain but webs is more “realistic” in my opinion.
Thanks for these tips guys!

Also guys, if you think this is a good idea, you should vote for it because the comments aren’t helping this topic to be seen by the devs too.

I voted. I also think that there should be one called ‘flurry trap’ or something where the user fires of many smaller (and weaker) traps. This would make it easier to get players and mobs to actually step in them. Also, players should have a max of 2 or 3 traps of the same type (a way to do this would to have the cool down start after the traps disappear, and make players have to place all traps before they can do another move.

Ye, that’s a great idea !!!

This is not a necrobump, this is still a large issue with Tricksters.

I agree, Prism Trap isn’t that effective unless you catch the opponent when you cast it, otherwise they’ll see it an avoid it.

Also, some more ideas for trap variants:

  • Weakness Trap: Temporarily lowers the victim’s STR
  • Feeblemind Trap: Temporarily lowers the victim’s INT
  • Weak Heart Trap: Temporarily lowers the victim’s VIT
  • Slow Trap: Temporarily lowers the victim’s DEX