Trickster ability:transform

So in the class hunter there is a class called trickster.and tbh its skills arent much of a tricksters (no offense),so this ability might help

Basicly this ability turns your character to a rabbit you will be faster,and your hitbox will be smaller since hunter is supposed to be like high dmg and avoid dmg from others so this would be an escape skill.

This would take a long time to code, and subclasses are pretty much decided all ready.
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Doesn’t mean that you can’t suggest more ideas. All plans can be subject to change unless the devs say they are sticking with it religiously.

If you look back at the Permadeath threads (before you joined the forums), it basically looked like it was gonna be a thing and it very well was planned, but it was scrapped just over a week of it being brought up. The same thing happened with Alchemist, with everyone anticipating it being a Hunter subclass until about 2 months ago when we received more info about subclasses.

A transformation skill for Tricksters would be pretty cool. It would also fit being a “Trickster” as well since it would confuse the enemy.


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I think a more fitting transformation ability would be to transform into certain enemies and blend in as them or something.

That would look weird but i kinda want to see it

I feel like trickster would have more of a decoy ability where he places a decoy of himself and after a certain amount of time the decoy will explode dealing 1 half of the damage (open to change) that has been dealt to the decoy and if nothing damages the decoy then the decoy ability will just suck enemies into it making it have some cc. The suck in part could be added in with the damaged decoy but I feel like the suck in decoy is mainly for bringing enemies in range so a mage could lighting call or a a warrior could slam them.

I like this idea. just running around a bunny, using trick trap and then execute sounds sick ngl.

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