Tribute To Lil Pump

Goodbye Lil Pump, your sweet bars and dreads. We will miss you.
—From the Vesteria community

;( Goodbye young legend.

R.I.P :C

tho the new representatives look snazzy

I vote we rename the Warrior Representative to GeneralOmegus

No, we should rename him to Lil Pump.

Rename the Hunter that,

Actually, rename all of them to Lil Pump, fuse them to one, give em dreads, and make him make music.

Don’t let it make music, it doesn’t know how.

You’re right, make it make rap music instead. Rap isn’t a music, it’s spitting out random words.

RAP is rhythm and poetry, the near definition of music.

I hope sometime in the far future he gets added as an easter egg somewhere for OGs to remember.


In 6 Months I will make a post called feel old yet?
and in it will be a pic of lil pump

I already feel old.

what beans are you trippin. on people? lil. pump. is well and alive! you just haven’t looked around enough

If you were TRUE fans of Lil. Pump you would know this :triumph:

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It’s so cute!.. as long as it doesn’t try to make music…

Lil Pump is still here, cries in joy

did you think they would just kill him?
he is simply having a break in the corner… alone… forgotten even by his biggest fans.

this is so sad. Alexa, can we delete this post?

No, they will kill him, why else would he be in the corner? They are putting him in death row. He will be executed, no matter what. They are executing him because his music got annoying and the king put him in death row.

But he never made any music. He was a brave warrior who defeated many foes.

why do you think he was the representative for all three of the factions.

connections to any irl people is purely accidental

Because, he had no better job. He begged the king to get him the job. He eventually became a faction representative. But when the king figured about his nonsense the kind fired him and replaced him with the three faction representatives. And who in the world is a Lil Pump in the real world?

no idea