Treemuk Improvements and New Quest (Easy to make content) Plus Reputation Feature

Campfire Roast Part 1
There will be a group of warrior recruits with 1 knight drunk on vitality potions the knight keeps giving them
they would be near the bottom of redwood pass on the right asking you to get them sticks so they can roast Marshmellows which they also need.
It would be a couple of tents logs to sit on and a campfire in the middle with the knights weapon and shield behind him
You would need to bring them 20 sticks 20 marshmellows
lvl 7 required
Rewards some vit potions, money and and exp

Campfire Roast Part 2
They would be greatly appreciative and would tell you there was this rumor that someone died climbing the highest mountain of redwood and that they would like you to climb the mountain and put the warrior flag uptop so they can be promoted up their ranks. They make sure to add the fact to grab anything thats up there(The Stamina hat and The dead guys backpack)

Once you put the flag uptop the peak and come down with the Stamina hat and The Backpack
And you talk to them they will give you some xp for this act.

Campfire Roast part 3
They will say they have an amazing idea to get you kitted up to become an amazing warrior
They will tell you to get 1 Durian, 5, Bananas, and 10 Apples These will be about the drop rate for the fruits from the Fruit Treemuks i talk about below

Once you complete this they will give you a nice chunk of xp and they will give The Warrior Rookie backpack with a Vitality and Strength Buff on it with a nice regen perk to make your idle regen faster.

Then they will ask if they can turn your Aviator Hat into a fruit hat, but it might make you not run as fast +1 stamina instead of +2 but you will get 100+ health and if an enemy attacks you theres a 10% Chance to drop a piece of fruit on their head and it applies the Effects that i will say below

Now for the Treemuk Improvements
With this quest Treemuks could actually have a purpose and i have improvements to them too
Increase their damage and hp by a little bit for the basic ones
Basic ones would get a normal loot table with spooky sticks as a drop
Treemuk Variants
Marshmellow Treemuk would shoot out marshmellows from a range and they would bite off their sticks and shoot at you. It would be a lighter shade of white and have Marshmellows hanging off their Branches. Would drop holy sticks and marshmellows
Marshmellow Treemuks would be lvl 11 and would slow you with every hit

Fruit Treemuks Would have a more lively looking body maybe with some leaves not looking dead like normal Treemuks and they would have fruit hanging on their branches.
The fruit on their branches would be Apples Bananas and Durians because
Heres a Durian
They would be lvl 13 and would either lean back put all the fruit in its mouth then shoot out a humongous ball of fruit or Shoot them out at about the speed of a high dex ranger
Getting hit with an apple would give you poison
Getting hit with a banana would reduce your speed
Getting hit with a durian would knock you back
This Versions attacks would do little damage
The Fruit Treemuk would drop Lively Sticks, Apples, Bananas, and the all mighty Durians

What has to be added in a summary
A small camp
Backpack slot
4 new items
2 New Treemuk Variants +Their new animations
And all the little improvements i said

After this quest is finished they would tell you to head up the Knight of The Knight The Reputation Tracker of the warriors
Reputation is a feature where if you do small quests for People associated with the warriors you get points that you can spend at the Knight of The Knights Shop
You can buy weapons unique to him Like maybe the Stinger, Or the Great Axe
For a hunter rep shop you can buy the Batty Dagger
For a mage Rep shop Maybe buy the sun staff i know its supose to come with colo but I think this would be better saying Badlands Should be for higher level pvp.

I think all classes should get a storyline of quests to lead them through the game helping their faction instead of just going to the base every time you need items
This would be how i would Fix early game progression being sorta boring and when Dungeon Keys come out would make lvl 20-30 Actually have content for them with quests
I Would do ideas for all the classes but i don’t know if anyone wants it
Tell me any criticism of my ideas below so i can improve them

Added a New Feature Called Reputation
I will expand more on it

getting hit by durian on Vesteria knocks you
while irl getting hitted by durian is instant death

I would love to make it instant death but the mobs lvl 13 lmao
How about it shoots baby Durians

baby durian?
how does it look like?

A smaller Durian idk The mob just has to have a power level of a lvl 13 mob and it already slows and poisons i picked knockback for the durian because more damage would be a bit much

yea I know too much realism ingame ain’t fun