Tree Drops (Bananas, Apples, Pears, Cacti Fruits, etc.)

So these are the tree-like things that can be hit to obtain certain things. If I am missing any, please tell me in a reply to this thread so I can fix it.

There is a banana tree in Port Fidelio (near the lighthouse).
There are special cacti scattered around the Whispering Dunes which drop Cacti Fruits.
There is an apple tree in Mushtown.
There are several pear trees in Nilgarf.

Bananas give temporary walkspeed and jump height boost
Apples and Pears give minor healing.
Cacti Fruit fully replenish Stamina bar (even outside of the Whispering Dunes).

There is an apple tree at Great Crossroads too.

Can you add what they do?

Apples gives (i think) 100 hp.
Bananas give 250 hp and a hp boost.
Pears give 1 stamina
Cacti restore stamina in whispering dunes.

should add what they do in your topic as well

maybe some images to show where they are exactly so people can have a reference when they are searching for the fruit trees

mogomelons definitely

Why can’t we eat them?

They probably bitter to the point there inedible.

I think they’ll probably taste like watermelon.

Those aren’t edible, and they are dropped from a mob, not a “tree”.

i’m rather sure that pears give stamina +1 for a while

If you’re waiting for the boat to forsaken to arrive, you should farm bananas, because you don’t really have anything else you’re doing at the time. Just make sure you don’t miss the boat.