Treasure Chest in Mushtown Bug

I don’t normally play games on Roblox myself at all, but I usually pop in and take a look at Vesteria every now-and-then. Pretty straight-forward, I was doing a quest for some NPC, I believe it was the Treasure Hunt Quest, and the treasure chest won’t open inside of Mushtown where the remains of the “long lost” waterfall is/was.

It actually doesn’t even open. When walking up to it, I’m prompted " C Open," so of course like anyone else staring at this big chest hidden away, I open it but only to figure out that it’s botched.

Doesn’t seem like I’m able to upload an mp4 file to this so I had to put it on YouTube, so here’s the link of this along with the server console, though nothing really has anything to do with the chest in there:

Anywho, thanks for reading.

Thanks for the report, I’ll make sure this is fixed


Berezza isn’t the chest for more op rewards thing still going on

When are you going to fix the blue steel chest in nilgarf sewers and the gold chest in ship rock that doesn’t give the pirat hat? (I sware to god berezaa if I had to give the tablet from that chest to xaro for the pirate hat imma destroy you)

All chests in Mushtown are currently bugged as they haven’t been updated and are in a similar state as the ones in some other places.

Only a few chests work, not just the mushtown ones

n e c r o p o s t

N o. T h I s p o s t i s n o t e v e n a w e e k o l d

Issue acknowledged.