Travel Error (Failed Character Load)

Here are the relevant details as best as I can recite and explain them.

After being disconnected in the game for being AFK for more than 20 minutes, I used Roblox’s new GUI to reconnect into Nilgarf. From Nilgarf I went for The Clearing, nothing out of the ordinary to report on my way there. When I then entered the portal to The Clearing, I found that I spawned in as my normal character. Camera modifications were not present, neither was the music or GUI’s. The only abnormality in the developer console other than audio’s and decals failing to load was a script error as seen here

Note that the 6 “Errors” are the aforementioned failed loads on

I apologize in advance if this has been reported before, I can’t be bothered to read so far back into the bug report channel.

Yep. This error is happening across all clients. Valve, please fix. @berezaa @Polymorphic

My log is different

I see, I am now experiencing the same problem as you. You can’t even play now because whenever you join the game, it grey screens. As seen in the image above

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Got the same thing when I tried to join the Warrior Stronghold.

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I’m also experiencing this error. Please fix so we can play @berezaa @Polymorphic

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I joined The Clearing and my character appeared as my normal character. I tried to rejoin after that to see if it would work, but then all I got was a gray screen. I kept rejoining after that and it still was a gray screen.

I did manage to join back, but when I respawned in the Mushroom Forest, my character is still my normal avatar.

Don’t worry everyone, the team is aware of this bug, and its Roblox’s fault.

You can keep track of the problem on the following devforum post by Berezaa:

And yup, Roblox just anounced that it has been broken:

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@PlayVesteria tweeted about the issue too.

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Yup, and the game should now show this:

Oooo good thinking about that error message lol

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Are you teleporting across areas using that? I’m confused about what it does.