Trading Gold tier Aukufiti Ballista

Trading this gold tier Aukufiti Ballista! All offers are welcomed.
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Ignore the name ; - )

Can you give me an idea of an offer you are willing to accept please and can you tell me how to make a gold tier weapon? Also there is a topic for posting pics of gold tier items I think you should check that out.

Offer :point_down:
1 Bronze

I’m willing to accept items that are rare such as terul’s talon and astrologist staff. Other offers such as a large amount of gold are also accepted if it’s the might amount. Only thing I might not accept are normal dunes weapons/modified dunes weapons that I don’t need.

How about a shatter sun dirk and 10 gold?

And can you please tell me how to make items golden/gold tier?

No thanks, but you get gold by getting 31 points on a item. Check berezaa’s handy dandy pdf on the scrolls and tiers in discord announcements!

multiple holy’s

name the amOUnt u want l0l

What scrolls do u recommend using? I tried making a gold tiered black steel karambit but it failed and that was just because it’s a cursed and likely to fail, did u need holy scrolls to do it?


Wt fudge muffins…


He Said :point_down:

in response to :point_down:

Lol heck yeah

I don’t fudgein’ understand and yes fudge not the other word.

Plit you’re just letting us talk don’t you want to sell this thing.

I don’t mind. Doesn’t really affect me and a trade will eventually come maybe ; - )

ill give 5g and a reset

How about 15 gold 2 skills and a stat.

ill give 10g and 2 resets and some beetles and spider eggs
and 2 dirty talons
and a choice of a astro/versa/talon
pls i want that bow