Trading 7/7 Cursed Fierce Aukufiti’s Ballista


Trading a red fierce ballista for offers!

Cool weapon

Uhm… gee whiz that’s impressive

I don’t have much I know but I’d like to at least try.
~80 beetles (full and fragments)
Auktufiti’s Ballista (3 great 4 basic)
Yeti Boots
Pirate Hat +3
Rubee Halo +3
~40 Marks of Valor

Anything you want… I want that bow.

Not really looking for a upgrades ballista, and not that much in need of beetles. No thanks

ill give 5g

and some beetles

and my ballista as well.
I need that bow

Not sure if this is still up so if you could reply back if it’s still up, if not just ignore this comment.

ok ill trade 3g a bunch of crystals and two bows

a ballista with 2 cursed and a +10 vibrant ballista