[TOURNAMENT] Let's Settle This!

Who’s the best PVPer in the game? Next Saturday, on the first of December, we will settle this. Players will have the opportunity to duel eachother in the arena for the affection of community. Players will have till Tuesday night to enter into the tournament. The bracket will be released on Wednesday along with the exact time of the tournament battles.


  • Must be level 30


  • HP Potions are not allowed, MP potions are allowed
  • Exploits are not allowed
  • No glitches

Enter - Answer this, as well
If you’re entering the tournament, vote YES on the poll. If not, vote NO. I’ll find you from there.

  • YES
  • NO

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I acknowledge that the PVP system is highly unbalanced and that it’d be unfair, but the contrary is waiting till it is fixed. This is just something for the community to get together and do, nothing more. This will not dictate who is actually best PVP.

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Why im not Joining:

  1. not lvl 30
    2: suck at pvp
    3: there is no number 3

Why you should join

  • You have till NEXT Saturday to reach level 30
  • It’s not about who wins
  • There is a number 3

pvp is easy as a warrior especially with the roll glitch

PVP is easy for some hunters, never PVP a hunter who knows what they’re doing.

yes because i can get to lvl 30 by grinding off lvl 15 spiders.

also if the tornament is in the morning ish i can’t attend cuz im buzy then

Oh course you can level up! The only thing stopping you is yourself, just put the extra effort in and you will be rewarded.

I will tell you if I am going somewhere on Saturday so you can get me out of the tournament.

Okay, that works great

You mind if we have a battle real quick to practice a bit?

Give me a sec, wait at the Woodlands of Minor Magic and I’ll be there!

wHy mAnA pOts?

For warriors and hunters to be able to use their abilities to the max potential

effective mana conservation is important though, nO?

Ability hit boxes are broke, the chances of landing a successful blow is very low, so players need the extra chances

should we make it to where its like warriors vs warriors, hunters vs hunters etc
so its somewhat fair

Your friendly neighborhood hunter who knows what he is doing here

Your friendly neighborhood Conquest will still be there at the tornement to watch

Where’d you guys go, did you go to the arena to practice?

Nah I just duel random people, mainly warriors cause mages are just a joke and hunter v hunter is easy as it is