Tourists Guide - Mushtown


A humble little Village

Welcome to Mushtown! This little village is the highlight of this side of the Mushroom Forest. Even though Mushtown is very small there are many fun things to do here. I’m here to show you all about Mushtown so follow along!



There are many fun things to do in Mushtown, some of which are whacking baby mushrooms, jumping off of mushrooms, and terrorizing the chickens that wander around. There’s even a great pier for fishing and pondering thoughts! Don’t worry, you’ll all get a chance to do that later. For now, follow me!

The Denizens

Mushtown is full of great people. They’re all very nice and wouldn’t hesitate to help you out. Let’s meet Mayor Noah first, he’s agreed to talk to us about his town!

Mayor Noah - I’ll tell ya, runnin’ this place ain’t easy.

Tell us about your town

Mayor Noah - Mushtown was once the greatest town on this side of the Mushroom Forest. In recent years, however, times have been tougher.

Tell us more!

Mayor Noah - We’ve been swarmed by the rising armies of the Shrooms! Most of the old faces have fled this town. But more and more adventurers such as you guys have been stopping by, maybe the times are a’ changin’ after all.

Wow, that was very cool. Let’s go meet Innkeeper Edith. She runs the inn here in Mushtown. Hi there Edith, what can you tell us about your job?

Edith - I love it! The only thing that I hate is that I can’t see my son anymore. If you guys ever need a bed and a warm dinner come here!

What a nice lady! Let’s go meet Lela. She runs a small shop here. Hi there Lela! What do you sell in your shop?

Lela - I mostly sell potions and equipment for adventurers such as you guys! If you guys and gals ever need equipment don’t hesitate to come here!

The Cuisine

Wow, that was great! Oh? Did I hear somebody’s tummy rumbling? That reminds me, Mushtown has great food to sell! One of Mushtowns greatest food is Mushroom Stew. You heard me right, Mushroom Stew! Let’s go grab a bowl and have lunch.

Burp That was delicious! Sure was worth the price! Mushroom Stew heals all your wounds and gives you a full belly. Make sure to bring some home with you.

Well, that’s about it! I hope you guys and gals had a great time and I cannot wait to see your faces on the other tours I hold. Im gonna go grab another bowl of Mushroom Stew. Cya guys later!

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in MY opinion the Warrior Stronghold has the best food

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no, port fidelio

I heard the chairs might taste good too.

Doesnt the warriors have a chef or supposed to :flushed:

I’d like to apply for a tour, me and the Mr. are heading to Mushtown this upcoming weekend for our anniversary.

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I like eating the runes made from rock. Very good

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