So right now vesteria has three main classes:hunter,mage,and warrior and a bunch of we can say that its already pretty good right?

But i have an idea:which is extra classes,
Basicly this idea will add more classes but not exactly used for fighting but for entertainment or a way to get money or other special quests you can get using “extra classes”.

Extra-classes will include:
I will assume that you get this idea,so if this got added to the would add more depth and more complexity to it which I would really like to see in the game.

And this can be a way to entertain players and add more quests that require a certain “extra-class”.

You might ask:how will this help me?
Well i imagine that for every extra-class it can give you a unique skill that can only be given to thatthe extra class.

Please tell me in the comments below if you approve of it or dissapprove,and share your ideas!

might as well add mosquito swatter while you’re at it

Sad music plays

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Basically professions? If it is then it has been planned for a long time. Nothing is confirmed yet tho so suggestions are good

hmm how about Crafter, a class focused around using the enemy drops you get as your weapons? like Crafters can farm spiders for fangs and turn them into mana-stealing arrow tips!!
i think classes should be broader than just “blacksmith” so they can harbor subclasses but yeah this sounds awesome!

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Sounds like professions/job classes? TL;DR what @HellorHeavens said.

Its already planned? Thats so sad for me i thought it was a new idea ;0