Too many marketplace offers, (add a new section)

So basically I think that there should be a new section called marketplace, so when someone looks at new topics they don’t always find “royal fang” or “spider bow” offers every 9/10 posts. This is what I mean btw

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I agree its getting spammy and annoying.
Bring back nilgarf chat and personally I would force #general-discussion:marketplace
to be high effort shops, not single sales or deals unless its a very rare item.
For example my old shop on forums if anyone remembers (I don’t trade much anymore so I took it down).

Isnt this forum suppose to be #site-feedback ?

Changed category to #site-feedback

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#Megathread cough @Kiritsugu couuuuuuugh :pensive:

Wow the Marketplace category is actually being used now. This is great.


im already working on it :+1:

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Inb4 Kiritsugu deletes again I guess it’s time to scrap the post :pensive:

It would be inappropriate for him to delete it
I will make sure it follows all rules and guidelines
also that link doesn’t display anything

No,no he will close because of redundancy, and if you try to get him to re-open by showing him that community wants a megathread, he will straight up delete.

how does that apply

I have no idea. I guess Kiritsugu just like seeing the market category being used, and anything that threatens it’s activity is a nono.(unless it’s not on forums like VTH)

I don’t see the point in a trading megathread. It completely undermines the entire purpose of the #general-discussion:marketplace category. A megathread makes it much harder for people to find something that they want to buy. It’s much less organized as well (I typed the last few sentences without seeing that it would be a wiki, but my point still kinda stands). The wiki wouldn’t work for everyone since you have to be a certain trust level to edit wikis. It also doesn’t help that nobody knows how to edit a wiki and deal with the formatting. Just look at Dyed Item Guide. It’s a wiki but everyone just posts their pics in the replies. You could always try it to see if it works, but I feel like it wouldn’t work that well.

I guess @FROSTBYTE’s idea would be good for people who only look at the #general-discussion category, but it doesn’t really solve the problem that deleting the nilgarf chat created.

I don’t really have a solution to this problem, I’m just saying what’s on my mind.

Don’t worry
it will be very organized
I have a genius plan hehe
it involves the Wiki function
But not in the way you think

on that note
if there exists a list somewhere of every tradable item in the game a link would be appreciated

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You could always try to grab stuff off the wiki, but I don’t think there is a page that has literally everything you can trade.

or you can just link vth in vesteria discord and fix everything


well i aint gonna look at no marketplace section

i might want a deal for cheap purple potions, but i wouldnt go out of my way to find them

if someone was selling a red tier item, i might click on it but i might not be going out of my way to find them

You could just mute marketplace topics

VTH exists (Here), as well as muting marketplace for no flood

“Oh no people are using the trading section of the forums to trade, this is insanity!”

@derpypie23 if you try to make a megathread a leader is definitely going to close it. Just because you dont like a category being used how its supposed to be used doesnt mean you can just make a topic that goes against the point of the marketplace.

For one, I don’t have a problem with it, I just understand that its a issue for others and I agree that its disruptive especially with most of the topics being only a title and 3 or 4 words, it can easily be solved with a megathread. Its also going to be a directory for finding deals using the wiki function, not just a megathread just in case you try to pin the like-baiting card on me, and for future reference try to be less hostile in your replies when the person you are talking too has done nothing wrong

edit: how does a megathread go against the point of the marketplace category :thinking:
if anything berezaa should just make a mega thread and stop people from making new topics and just have them trade in replies