Tomes - A solution to the mage dilemma

Recently, there was a post by Kiritsugu suggesting that venom bomb be made universal, due to how integral it is to mage DPS.

This got me thinking - how to make it universal but also not kinda clunky?

Then an answer arose, tomes. A tome would be drops from high level activities (dungeons, bosses, what have you) and would occupy the mage offhand slot. This tome will hold magical secrets, or, perks, allowing you to choose between those you have unlocked.

To this end, webbed staff will no longer have venom bomb as an innate perk - instead, the secret of ven bomb will be a reward from SQR. ( New perk for Webbed could buff puddle damage).

Potential balance:
With the new death penalty coming up, a potential punishment could be a chance of losing a secret from your book. Such a chance would be reduced by having a higher level tome.

On the topic of higher level tomes, high-level tomes may allow you to have two perks at a time, or some other benefit.

Feedback appreciated.
Edit: people like this idea way more than I anticipated

For this to be implemented, certain abilities for weapons would have to be scrapped or replaced. This would create an imbalance between the strength of different factions. With mages getting tomes, other classes would need similar items that would return balance.

good idea

how would one find tomes

Seemed like a good place to put them.

Classes are already imbalanced, and if anything this would help balance, not hurt it. Mages are dependent upon mage bomb for damage - without it their DPS is hot smoking garbage.

small note
there are a lot of tones in place of tome in OP
sorry not sorry

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Mobile is a wonderful thing that really does not like the word tome.

Huh, tomes seems like a good way to add diversity to mage strategy. You could have a tome for something like 50% chance of burning in Whispering Dunes, a tome to slow your enemies, a tome to weaken your enemies… It works!

I feel like tomes could definitely diversify gameplay for Mages moving forward. I could see tomes that specialises with Mages in-general or tomes that boost particular skills like Mage bomb or additional lightning bolts to thundercall.

I am in support of this.

gotta use the off hand slot for something :flushed:

Maybe these could work with Paladins as well (but to a much lesser effect) since we’re the only non-mages to not use an offhand, and it would be cool to see Paladin as a more elemental/magic warrior class than it already is.

I think paladín weapons are meant to be two handed, so they wouldn’t use the offhand.

It would help if the only two-handed weapon in the game was actually good…


Paladin holds their 2 hand weapon when they are not attacking in 1 hand over their shoulder (Im 99 percent sure if im wrong do not hurt me) so they def have room for a tome and i think it would fit them well. If not just make the paladin put down their weapon or sheith it while it uses the tome so its 100 percent do able

You’re right that Paladin does hold their 2-handed weapon over their shoulder using 1 hand, but tomes would mainly be for use while attacking.
I can barely read your reply, please try to use better grammar; not trying to come off as rude, but it would be easier to read that way.

This could work and it means I don’t only get to use my tuaa staff on stuff that venom doest work for meaning I can have higher lvl hear without losing the only good damage I have

I’m in full support of this even if I have to grind things till I get the tome I want so I can have venom bomb again

Strap it to their legs then nerd

berezza kinda already talked about tomes and what they would do like give different magic or something like that


Offhand spell books to me sounds cooler and having it at side of your mage