Tombstones are a Troll - Petition

Just a commonly agreed with thought here…

Would anyone like collisions with Tombstones next to you while fighting a Boss, namely Moko Tu AA?

Petition to Remove Collisions with Tombstones from Vesteria!

If you relate, what do you think? Like/Upvote this post so Berezaa recognises this issue, ty.

I think tombstones should say the same as it is.

In the Colosseum, there are sometimes lines of gravestones blocking the entrance to claim Valor. This has actually gotten me killed quite a few times because of those farmers, and collision should be disabled in places like those. My vision is this should be implemented in areas like boss fights, or the Colosseum. Some of this problem will be fixed by gravestones despawning after 30sec, but its still hard to get past them the rest of the time.

useing tombstones to your advantage as berseker
(this is too like low content and specific to put in tutorial and guilds)
if you go to an edge of a tombstone, you can get like a float just like if you were falling and you can use this because you can spam (i forgot the name) the like not blade spin but the higher dps move but it makes you stay still and you could only get hit by 2 things, the purple beam which it most likely not gonna hit you if your that close and the water/rain.

It’s called Ferocious Assault