Tomahawk and Other Shop Items Selling for 400

Shop items that are a lot more expensive are sold for like, less than 10% of their price. That needs to be fixed, cuz at this point I’m burning silver just trying to get an ancient scroll on one.

Yeah its a bit harsh and considering we cant trade with money yet, its pretty rough selling the items in the shop.

Where are you selling the items at? Enchanted Forest? Because I think (might not be true) that items sell for more/less at different places.

I’m pretty sure everything sells at the same price in every shop.

maybe I haven’t tested it yet

Reviving this topic since I can’t make a new one.
Hopefully, this is fixed today
I’m tired of hoarding these Tomas to wait for their sell price to be fixed.

Agree with this post completely, would also like to see a higher sell price for great/ancient scrolls (around 3 silver). Since we have no additional inventory system we are forced to either hold onto the scrolls, use them on weapons that will soon be inferior to new weapons, or sell them for a mere 1k silver.

True, I’d like to sell greats for 3 silver, and ancients for 4 silver, so that will actually make them worth selling when we are stocked on them

The sell price of these items is intentional. You are meant to sell equipment to NPCs as a final resort. We will fix trading soon.