To bee or to not to bee (shocking)

The Deep Lore of the Bees of Vesteria

Long Before your time the great Bees of Vesteria have fed off of the mushrooms. They lived happily until one day the first adventurer came along. The adventurer started killing the smaller mushrooms and the bees began to worry. As time went by more and more adventurers killed more and more smaller mushrooms until the bees were forced back, into the Mushroom forest. Here, among the older mushrooms and under the watching eyes of the Elder Shrooms, they thought they would be safe from the cruel adventurers.

However, by this time, the great bees knew the power of these adventurers, and sure enough, the adventurers came through with new weaponry such as swords and rakes. With these the mushroom population was killed off even quicker than ever before.

And so began a long journey where the Great Bees were pushed back, ever kept from the sight of the adventurers. As the battle continued, the Adventurers split off into factions to push ever further forwards. And with their push, did the bees retreat, until there were no mushrooms left for them to live off of. The Bees were pushed into the Enchanted forest, no one knows what happened to them from there. Some say they were killed by the evil spiders, and some say they starved and died.

But there are philosophers…
Who depicted the name ‘Vesteria’

Why were the Bees known as the ‘Great Bees of Vesteria’?

It’s quite simple, actually. And evermore the evidence to their disappearance.

Vesteria is a Name that has roots in Latin. Vesteria is taken from the Latin word, ‘Vesta’.

Vesta was the Roman Household Goddess, and so the philosophers say that the Bees have transcended, further than the Adventurers. To bounds not even the Adventurers have been able to get to.

And Legends state that to this day, the Great Bees of Vesteria still search for their perfect home…

I choose to bee

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if I recall aren’t there like pollen on animals and flowers, if these bees of vesteria lived off pollen then no problem for them. oh hey if they lived also lived off chairs as their last source, then im gonna have to do “something” about them.

The Bees Created the Chairs… Child… Skel3t0n is a Bee

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Honestly, this was actually pretty interesting to read. Good job!


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