Titles In Chat System

It’d be cool when you chat, you could have titles next to your name and these titles are earned bycompleting quests or doing certain things like joining a faction. These titles would be changeable as there would be a menu of titles you are able to choose. There are already RPGs and game that have this just thought it would be cool for Vesteria to have it implemented as well.

Example: [Mage] headlessmicrowave: Words that are in an example

Also, if it’s not too much to ask but, also a way to toggle it so the player doesn’t have to see titles? Anyways here are examples of titles.

[Crabby Slayer] ~ Obtained by killing “X amount of” Crabbies.
[Mushroom Hero] ~ Obtained by killing “X amount of” Mushrooms. Includes all types.
[Treasure Hunter] ~ Obtained by opening “X amount of” Chests.
[Mage] ~ Obtained by joining the Mage Association.

These titles should merely be aesthetic and should not give any special powers other than flaunting how much you grinded or how skilled you are at the game.

Wait I just realized a similar topic was made in October 14th, should’ve of searched. Well if you haven’t read that topic, this is basically a regurgitation with ideas that are somewhat of my own that are based off inspiration. More or so summarized, this is just a topic with redundancy at its finest.

I’m 99% certain that the devs plan to make titles eventually. When, idk, but eventually.
(this is based off the fact that when ppl were asking abt rewards for Alpha players Ber said that they will get a special title at the very least.)

Okay cool thanks

They haven’t said anything about this.

that’s all I know of

If I’m not forgetting something titles probably will be in the game?
I remember berezaa saying something about giving alpha players a chat title once the game goes out into beta but I could be wrong

No Love For Fishermen Like Me. :angry:

Wait what? You got in during alpha. You will get the title. That’s better than nothing, right? .-.

If they do decide to add titles like how @headlessmicrowave described them, I’m sure they would have a title for fishing.

{Greyvale} BenD101: I like this idea

I alrdy said that REEEEEEEEee

[SK] [a4DCube]: yes

[Alpha] played during the alpha days