Tips and Tricks?

Yeah, I’m a noob.
But without a clear tutorial in the game, nobody new can really figure out this game to a T
Also I would like some words from experienced players

There might be a tutorial in the future, but it’s not that hard to get started for right now. Just start slashin’ away at some shrooms and you’ll be alright.

Just click on their heads

kill shrooms and get to level 5 and then buy a pitchfork and start grinding until your finger gets tired

Ye so im lvl 20 mage imo very experienced so some tips and tricks i have is i guess if your lvl 6 then grind elder shrooms in the mushroom grotto at 10 head on over to crabs

Personally, I just put all of my points into strength and grinded elder shrooms. I got to level 17 in a day, but this could be done much faster once better monsters to farm are added. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe that xp amounts are relative to your level instead of being a constant amount.