Tips and tricks for each Class

In this guide, I present to you helpful tips and tricks to enhance your experience in the world of Vesteria.

The Warrior Long Jump
This trick is especially helpful for quick, short travel, especially for warriors with high INT. Here is how you do it:

  1. Have Combat Roll on your hotbar with an easy-to-reach hotkey (I use R).
  2. Roll then jump immediately after rolling while holding W and sprinting.
  3. Repeat step 2 until you run out of MP.

This will help you cover good distances until you run out of MP. In that case, I recommend just running until you get enough MP to use it once or twice again.

Oak Axe Technique (Hunters)
Though not exactly a trick, this technique won’t allow you to use Execute, but it can still pack a punch if you invested a bit into STR (30) as a Hunter. You might also want to be level 25 or higher for this to be effective.

  1. Obtain 7 100% scrolls.
  2. Use them all on a clean Oak Axe for best results.
  3. Equip that +7 Oak Axe.
  4. Whack some spiders down with Dagger Throw and a single basic attack.

If you have good STR, you could three-hit spiders with this technique, and if you have good DEX, Dagger Throw could deal about 550 damage, which would leave the spider with low enough HP to be killed by one more basic attack. This will also be good against crowds of spiders since Oak Axe has the second best reach of all weapons in-game.

Gargantuan Magic (Mage)
A useful trick I learned myself yesterday in Crabby Den can kill 3-7 crabs per Magic Bomb. Here’s how to single-handedly rekt all those lil crabbies:

  1. Aim magic bomb down, and jump. The bomb comes out instantly! Use Blink if the opponent is very close.

Hope these tips help you out a bit.

Edit: Fixed typo.


Good tips my dude