Thoughts on New Sneakpeek?!

What’s everyone’s thoughts on the new sneak peek that was posted not long ago?

It looks like Mages are getting their second tier of armor/clothing!

Those rune stone looking things are most likely the teleport runes Berezaa mentioned at some point. They can be bought and used to transfer/teleport the player to the Faction Headquarters (Warrior Stronghold, Mage City, Hunter Base).

Edit: The potion pictured above is a Vitality Potion and the Fish is a Yellow Pufferfish.


Fish is a Yellow Pufferfish which deals 500 dmg when you eat it but sells for a lot.
Potion is a VIT potion.

The yellow rune might be Nilgarf, that’s not the hunter symbol.

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I still don’t know what Runes do

Thanks! I knew those items looked familiar!


the blue is the teleport rune, the devs talked about it a long time ago and now they are implemented. they will let you teleport around from a location to location.

red rune lets you go to the warrior castle
yellow rune is for the hunter city or something

The Yellow rune doesn’t look like the Hunter Emblem so it could potentially be for another location like Nilgarf or maybe even the Colosseum.

One thing, I’m going to be salty about when they add these runes is the amount of Inventory space they are going to take. The players could really use a Bank/Storage area as soon as possible.


Teleports you to certain locations when consumed.

1 inventory slot for a thing that lets you instantly teleport between areas no matter how far apart is a lot?

sounds legit

Ah, how are they acquired?

Not really sure how they’re acquired as they never talked about it.

probably bought at the city

I mean, since there is no way to easily trade with people right now, I’m super stocked with these Great Scrolls. I would use them but I’m saving up them for the update.
And inventory space is a huge problem for me.

maybe… you know… sell them

Yes it’s a lot when you already have a lot of other useful items in your inventory. I’m also not talking about one. I’ve heard that they are tradeable between players, so what if I want to carry the other runes?


Lol You think I’d sell somewhat valuable scrolls for 1 silver even though they are bought for 10 silver? HAhahahah! No.

they only cost 10 silver and don’t even TRY to tell me you don’t have 70+ silver on you

Why lose out on profit and potential gain by selling the scrolls at 10% of their original price. That seems like a complete waste for me.


well then… that seems like a you problem, not a me problem.


what is the point?

ALSO, berezaa might have said that scrolls will not be for merchant sale anymore and will be a lot more rare, so I gotta stock up.