Thoughts on death penalty and stamina?

So there’s been a lot of updates to Vesteria and everyone has a lot of feelings about all of them, myself included.
I try to keep up with all the updates, but I notice the devs keep deleting things before I can read them, or the post them somewhere I’m not, so I’m not the most educated person on their choices and I don’t understand a lot, therefore my opinions on some subjects are either misinformed or entirely wrong.

My current thoughts on the two big things people are talking about, the new death penalty and the return of stamina, are that both are bad. This is my opinion and I can be wrong, I am just running off of the information I’ve been able to gather by myself.

I don’t understand how Stamina helps the game, in my opinion it breaks it and makes everything impossible. It takes an hour to go from place to place, faster monsters swarm you within seconds and also kill you in seconds without a knight’s high VIT, and god knows Hunters are feeling this blow since they can jump 3-4 times and run out of sprint, which ruins the entire premise of a Hunter. I understand berezaa added it back to make things more challenging and to make the players think about their actions, calculate them, “unlike before”.

Short Rephrase

(I should rephrase this. “I don’t see how a death penalty helps the game”, should be, “I don’t see how the current death penalty helps the game.” I have nothing at all against death penalties! Every good MMO has them, and they are a big part of what makes the game interesting and what makes your choices count. WOW, for example, has a good penalty. WOW’s death penalty is as follows: Once you die, your ghost/wisp ‘respawns’ in town and you have to run back to your place of death to revive. Or you can resurrect at a graveyard at the expense of 25% of your equipment’s durability and incur 10 minutes of resurrection sickness. Vesteria is in beta, however, so this is obviously subject to change, and I hope that’s what happens later on.)

I don’t understand how a death penalty helps the game, in my opinion, it makes the game extremely stressful and anxiety-inducing. You can die in the field and lose 300 of your silver, you can die in a duel and lose 300 of your silver, you can die on the Forsaken Isle because of lag and lose 300 of your silver, you can fall out of the map and lose 300 of your silver. You can lose a huge amount of money because of things you can’t control, like the game glitching and sending you flying into space because of a mushroom/getting stuck on respawn and HAVING to reset to move at all, or the spider queen stepping on you and sending you under the map, or using the mage bomb and getting stuck in place because of lag on the Mo Ko Tu Aa boss. I do like how it requires you to have a Cleric with you to avoid this, but then wouldn’t it make more sense to only have the death penalty apply in dungeons so you have to get a Cleric in the party first? Also, most Clerics are focusing on upgrading heal and flare, so you’d have to find a very high-level Cleric with revive for this to even matter. I know berezaa is adding this to make the game more challenging and to make death matter, but… didn’t people already avoid death to begin with? And if for some reason, people were dying left and right, couldn’t the penalty be less awful? Instead of losing 1/3rd of your money that you worked extremely hard for, you could lose a lower amount of it, and/or you could be sent back to town or Nilgarf no matter where you died.

Any suggestion I make is most likely not a good one, as I don’t make games for a living and I don’t understand a lot of things about this specific game, as I previously stated. I’m aware of this, so give me constructive criticism or gently tell me that I’m wrong instead of belittling me or berating me, please. I am always willing to change my opinions and what I think based on new information I’m given, so if anyone is keen to explain things to me, or share their thoughts on these topics as well, I’m all ears. I’ve loved Vesteria even since the Alpha, and since I currently am not a fan of these changes and I think they’re all awful, it’s really sad to see it come this direction. I’d absolutely love to hear that I’m wrong and these changes aren’t what I think, or there’s some other reason for them.
Thanks for reading my super long post, I’m sorry.

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For my opinion on stamina, refer to my reply to a different post (sorry I’m lazy and don’t wanna type this all out again. (REPLY:Goodbye Vesteria)

Death Penalties are common in videogames of the MMORPG genre, but the type of penalty varies drastically depending on the game and the developers’ intents of the penalty.

Vesteria’s penalties seem a bit excessive (as of now), but I believe that changes need to be made. The Vesteria Team is putting a lot of work into the game, and I can’t wait to see everything fully fleshed out.


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I’m here before this topic becomes a war zone

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Good luck escaping that, man.

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I’m expecting it too. A salute to the early bird.

Did the bird wake up early or never go to sleep?

I guess only the bird knows.

Wise words. In terms of this topic though, prepare for an incoming flamewar.

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Thanks for your thoughts.
Most of berezaa’s changes are being made to make players think and calculate their actions and moves, instead of just charging in with a blade spin and mage bomb. That’s a wonderful goal to strive for and there’s nothing wrong with it, but it is Roblox.
Most of Vesteria and Roblox’s playerbase is children, people who won’t make the kinds of decisions berezaa wants us to. Not to say there aren’t adults and teenagers playing these games, but the majority are kids. They aren’t going to start calculating their attacks with their party because they can’t sprint forever anymore, they’re going to do the same things they always did which won’t work, then quit the game and blame it on the devs… or other things of that degree.
I can see the kind of game berezaa wants to make, but Roblox is not the site for that game. It’s like he’s trying to make a Dark Souls MMO and that’s literally impossible on Roblox.

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Nvm this topic will not be a war zone but instead just a constant chat between Machi-Ato and company113

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We’re very talkative.

You too! Your thoughts would be much appreciated as well!

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On stamina I’m a bit neutral since it’s not that breaking my game experience but I just don’t like a green bar pop out near my character

And for the death penalty I don’t know since I haven’t tried or experience it on Vesteria and I would check it out when it’s out but on other game like Rogue Linage I’m a bit clumsy because I’m fixing my body (I’m a Gaian) near someone oof

both decent concepts but executed in the worst way possible

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I do NOT like it. I feel like a lot of this game is running in, dying, and trying again. Death Penalties would severely hinder grinding in so many ways.

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